If you're thinking where on earth is that, you're not alone. Many of my friends didn't have a clue where Salzburg is. And to answer, it's in Austria. Specifically, a city on the German border, near the Eastern Alps.

I primarily went for the Christmas Markets, which were truly spectacular. Christmas in Europe is something really magical. I wrote a full article on this here.

While I was in Salzburg, one of the must- do's is something related to The Sound of Music. The classic film was primarily filmed here in the late 1960's and it's still a huge tourist attraction today.

I did a half day tour with Panorama Tours and I couldn't recommend it more. It's a super efficient and convenient way to view all the different sites and sounds where various different scenes from The Sound of Music.

You get to see the infamous pathway with trees, leading up to the Von Trapp house. Conveniently, in real life, the row of trees genuinely does lead up to the front of the house. But fun fact- the back of the house is a completely different house (which you get to see from across the lake as it's a hotel now) and the inside of the house was a sound stage in LA.

You know the gazebo from '16 going on 17'? The original is there in Hellbrunn Park. Fun story- the Studio didn't want to schlep the gazebo so they 'donated' it to the city. The city kept the gazebo in it's original position- a private house. This house was sold and turned into a hotel, who then had to deal with trespassers climbing fences to get a picture. So after it was returned to the city, they put it in a public park so that everyone could see it. Additional fun fact- the internal shots were filmed on the sound stage in LA.

Two more fun facts:

  • The actress who played Liesl, Charmaine Carr, was actually in her 20s when they filmed the movie. They wanted an older actress so that they could get around the law that states that children can only film a max of 4hrs a day so that they can complete their schooling.

  • Throughout rehearsals, Charmaine wore the same pair of shoes in the '16 going on 17' and she wore out the soles of the shoes. So when they filmed it in LA, she wore a new pair of shoes and slipped when filming, to the point where she ended up with a huge graze on her leg that they had to bandage up and cover with her dress.

Enjoy a trip out of the main city to the town of Mondse, where you can see the church where the wedding was filmed. Another fact- the wedding of Maria and Mr Von Trapp is the only wedding to have ever occurred at the historic Abbey. During filming, permission was requested to film at the Abbey, but sadly was denied.

Salzburg is a truly gorgeous city and I couldn't recommend going enough.


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