A Case of a Monday.

So I'm standing here, on a cold, rainy London October morning. It's 6.30am and I'm waiting (impatiently) for the tube. You'd think at this time in the morning the tube would be quiet- well my dear friend, you'd be mistaken.

Why am I on the tube? I'm one of those nutters who wakes up super early to exercise before work (more on this later). And as I look around me, I'm so unbelievably glad that I'm on the tube this early to go and do something fun, and not to go to work. Don't get me wrong- I'm well aware that lots of people wouldn't be on the tube at 6.30am when their other option is to be in bed. But hey, such is my life.

While I was on this tube, which by the way, was packed, it got me thinking about the concept of dreading Monday. Of Sunday-itis and the inevitable dread of the monotonous routine of life starting back up again. If we as humans crave some sense of rhythm in our lives, be it the seasons, a calendar, a clock, then why do we hate Monday? Shouldn't a Monday be something celebrated, something to look forward to? A fresh start on a new journey?

I know for myself personally, that as much as I love routine, I get itchy feet constantly. Some could say that it's because I'm a textbook Sagittarius and that we don't like staying still for long. Others could say it's because what human (or living thing for that matter) thrives when going around and around on the same hamster wheel? What gets me about this early morning tube journey, and yes, I do it often, is the looks on peoples faces. No one wants to be there, and hey, totally fair enough.

But what if we re-shaped the narrative? That Monday wasn't something to be dreaded but something to be celebrated? A time for reaching new goals and patting yourself on the back for achieving those goals from the week before.

As such, I thought I'd share some goals of mine of the following week:

- Try and exercise at least 5x this week

- Only buy 2 coffees out while at work

- Aim to sleep more/ have a better quality of sleep

- Smile and praise people more at work.

I'll update if I kept or beat any of these goals.

In the meantime, some snapshots of the commute to the gym this morning.

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